Welcome to Willows Family Ales. We brew your favorite beer in the beautiful Pearl District of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hit us up any Tuesday-Thurs 4-10p, Friday 4-11p, or on Saturday from 11a-11p. 418 S. Peoria Ave Tulsa, OK 74120.

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The Family

heath circleHeath Glover

Head Brewer
Heath brews our amazing beers. If you like what you’re drinking and having a great time, you can thank him.

josh and julie circleJulie Morgan & Josh Ritchey

Taproom Manager & Assistant to the Taproom Manager
Julie runs a tight ship. She also designed the taproom. If your buns are comfortable and you like what you see, you can thank her. Josh handles the business side of things. If you’re glad this brewery is open, you can thank him.

larry croppedLärry Hërriman

Brewer. Head of Research and Development
Larry is the current president of FOAM and a great friend to the Willows Family. If your beer has that special something that you just can’t place, you can thank him.


Willows Beer

I’m Sour Ms Jackson (Brett Sour with Passion Fruit) 7.2% ABV
A limited Southern Funkadelic beer.  We aged 1.5lbs of passion fruit per gallon on multiple strains of Brettanomyces as long as we could stand.  This mixture produces barnyard funk and tart, tropical fruit. We definitely aren’t sorry, Ms. Jackson, for producing this hit.

Chasehadababyitsaboy (Sour Farmhouse with Blueberries) 7% ABV
The baby is back and it’s bigger.  Originally created a few years ago to commemorate Chase Healey of American Solera’s First born.  We have brought this favorite back with 1.5lbs of Oregon Blueberries per gallon. This beer is the Halle Berry of Blueberry Sours;  It’s beautiful, sour and fruit forward. Enjoy as much as you can, because you never know when it’s going to be gone.

Bump and Grind (Coffee Farmhouse) 7.5% ABV
A few years ago, this beer made its debut. Since then, it’s been trapped in the closet waiting to return. So, we didn’t see nothing wrong with a little remixed BnG. This Saison/Farmhouse brings a big smooth flavor to satisfy your every need while the Topeca coffee adds another level to the party.

Half On A Sacc (Session IPA)  5% ABV
Do you love IPAs, but are taking it easy?  Half on a Sacc lets you do just that.  A mix of IPA and a table beer, made with mosaic and simcoe hops.  So how about we go Half on a Sacc?

Heath Sweat (Gose pronounced “go-zuh”) 5% ABV
This beer goes down slow much like you favorite 90’s R&B slow jams.  We really don’t know what else to say about a beer that has us twisted.  Its game is salt, coriander, lemon and limes.

When Doves Rye (Rye on Tart Cherries) 7% ABV
Born of Minnesota Rye and 1.5 lbs per gallon of Oregon Tart Cherries, this beer has been called the Prince of Beers.  It’s smooth but provocative. Spicy yet restrained. Imagine Prince eating a rye bread sandwich with banana peppers, no shirt, and singing you to sleep.  You just get it.

2 Strainz (Saison) 5.5% ABV
Inspired Southern Hip Hop, this Farmhouse Ale is made with 2 strains of yeast.  One a traditional Belgian Saison and the other is a more modern, rustic strain. This duo was then dry hopped with Ekuanot to keep you on a wave like a du-rag.  

Funk in the Trunk (Farmhouse) 9.5% ABV
A BIG Farmhouse/Saison that has what you’re looking for in a beer.  It’s packing big grains up front and bold Simcoe hops in the back.  This all adds up to a beer that brings them all to the yard.

Big Oak Kombucha (OKC, OK) Non Alcoholic


EVERY Wednesday:  Live Event Trivia 7pm, T-Town Tacos 5-8pm, and City Cycles Taproom and Tacos Ride rolls out at 6pm (starts and finishes at Willows Family Ales!!)

EVERY Thursday is Local, Live Music – no cover!  kicking off 11/1 with Eric Himan

11/2 Toasty Pros Food Truck

11/3 Sideshow and Sideshow Sleepover Urban Campout – Tix @ The Willows Store

11/6 I VOTED!  10% off with your voting sticker

11/15 FOAM (Home Brewers Association) HH meetup!

11/18 Survivor Series WWE Watch Party

11/23 Black Friday Bike Ride 12pm and Black Light Party 8pm